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UV Materials & Adhesives
for Hearing Aid Repair and Manufacturing

Lightning Enterprises offers a wide range of UV materials & adhesives for all types of hearing aid repair, modification, or hearing aid manufacturing.

Note for International Orders: UV materials shipped to international destinations will incur additional shipping charges. A shipping quote can be provided for approval after your order has been placed, or Contact Us for more information.

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A clear hypo-allergenic lacquer that can be used on any hard hearing aid shell for build-up or repair.  Can also be used to bond the shell to the faceplate. Cures in just a few seconds under UVA lamps and leaves a smooth shiny finish - no buffing required.

Fotoplast-Lacquer MSDS Sheet

Fotoplast Lacquer/3 hard finish 20ml: $39.00


Fotoplast Lacquer/3 hard finish 50ml: $82.50


A clear soft lacquer used to apply a soft coating to the hearing aid shell. Excellent when used for feedback and slippage problems. Cures quickly under UVA lamps.

Fotosoft MSDS Sheet

Fotosoft Lacquer/3 soft finish 20ml: $36.95


Fotosoft Lacquer/3 soft finish 50ml: $84.50


Fotoplast S-Hard 

Fotoplast-S/Hard UV earmold material
Fotoplast-S/Hard is a transparent UV cure material for producing high quality BTE earmolds. Easy to use and cures quickly under medium power UV lamps.


Fotosoft-S/Hard 250ml: $105.00


Fotosoft-S/Hard 500ml: $204.00


A thicker gel for build-up, repair and modification. Also used to encapsulate the vent during the manufacturing process. Cures under UVA lamps.

Fotoplast-Gel MSDS Sheet

Fotoplast-Gel 20ml - Clear: $39.95


Fotoplast-Gel 80ml - Clear: $98.50

  Fotoplast-Gel 20ml - Red $39.95 Qty
  Fotoplast-Gel 20ml - Blue $39.95 Qty

Fotoplast-Gel 20ml - Flesh Tone: $39.95

UV acrylics and adhesives ELC-4481-MV
An optically clear acrylic suitable for hearing aid repair and modification, as well as optical applications such as bonding glass. With a medium viscosity a little thicker than shell material (similar to syrup), this material works well for patching holes and filling larger cracks. Material is clear / transparent. Available in syringes and bulk.
NOTE: Once this material has cured, it leaves a tacky residue on the surface which can be wiped away easily with alcohol (similar to shell type material).
ELC-4481 MSDS Sheet

ELC-4481-MV-5 UV Acrylic MV 5ml syringe:  $18.00 


ELC-4481-MV-10 UV Acrylic MV 10ml syringe: $30.00


ELC-4481-MV-30 UV Acrylic MV 30ml syringe: $45.00 


ELC-4481-MV-1000 UV Acrylic MV 1000ml bottle: $330.00 


UV curable adhesive designed for bonding the hearing aid shell to the faceplate.

Fotofix MSDS Sheet

Fotofix faceplate adhesive 20ml: $38.90


UV Shell forming material provides thin walls and hard finish. Use in UV curing chambers to manufacture hearing aid shells, or to patch larger holes and cracks. Shell wall thickness determined by cure time and chamber UV intensity.



  100 gram bottle:  
500 gram bottle: 

Fotoplast-S/IO MSDS Sheet




Clear - Transparent

100 g repackaged
  Flesh Tone
  Tan/Beige 100 g repackaged
  Red - Transparent
  Blue - Transparent

NOTE: All BROWNS have been discontinued



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