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TAM-25 Audiometer
Built tough for desktop or portable use

The TAM-25 is currently unavailable


All of the features you would find in a larger clinical audiometer!

The Triveni TAM-25 Audiometer uses advanced digital circuitry and some of the latest electronic technology available today. While it has most all of the features found in large desktop clinical audiometers, including connectivity to a desktop or laptop computer to operate as a PC based system, it’s light weight, compactness and portability are designed for the hearing health professional on the move.

The Triveni TAM-25 Audiometer has been carefully designed by experienced field-based audiologists and meticulously crafted to endure the most demanding conditions. The Triveni TAM-25 battery power capability makes it easy to test in rural areas and other out-of-the-office testing environments. Every care has been taken in building the Triveni TAM-25 Audiometer to provide you with years of trouble-free service.

- Portable or Desktop
- Weight: 2+ lbs
- Dimensions: 7 Ό" x 5" x 2 Ό"
- Computer Program to Save Audiograms
- Frequency Range: 250 Hz – 8000 Hz
- Intensity Range: -20 dB – 120 dB
- One Year Warranty – Parts & Labor

- AC / DC Battery Pack for portability

For a complete list of specifications, see the TAM-25 Audiometer Operation Manual

For a list of FAQs scroll to the bottom of this page

The TAM-25 is currently unavailable


TAM-25 Audiometer

   $1750.00 ea Qty:

Optional AC / DC Battery Pack



Oscillator: Analog with digital control
Pure Tone Attenuator: in Steps of 5dB
Attenuator Range: -20 dB to 120 dB
Attenuator Linearity: Maximum Error at Any One Attenuator Setting is +/- 1 dB
Tone Interruption: Less than 100ms for rise & Decay of Tone.
Frequency Range: (For Air Conduction)
250Hz, 500Hz, 750Hz, 1KHz, 1.5KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz, 4KHz, 6KHz, 8KHz

(For Bone Conduction)
250Hz, 750Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz, 1.5KHz, 2KHz, 3KHz, 4KHz, 6KHz



Frequency Accuracy: Within 3%
Hearing Level Accuracy: Within 2dB
Maximum dB settings: For Air Conduction:

250 Hz ----- 90 dB
500 Hz ----- 120 dB
750 Hz ----- 120 dB
1.0 kHz ----- 120 dB
1.5 kHz ----- 120 dB
2.0 kHz ----- 120 dB
3.0 kHz ----- 120 dB
4.0 kHz ----- 120 dB
6.0 kHz ----- 100 dB
8.0 kHz ----- 100 db
SPEECH ----- 100 dB

For Bone Conduction:

250 Hz ----- 50 dB
500 Hz ----- 60 dB
750 Hz ----- 60 dB
1.0 kHz ----- 60 dB
1.5 kHz ----- 60 dB
2.0 kHz ----- 60 dB
3.0 kHz ----- 60 dB
4.0 kHz ----- 60 dB
6.0 kHz ----- 60 dB
SPEECH ----- 60 dB



Noise: Wide, Narrow & Speech Band
Attenuator (Masking): In Steps of 5 dB
Masking Range: 0 dB to 100 dB
Attenuator Linearity: Maximum Error at Any One
Attenuator Setting is +/- 1 dB


Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise: Less Than 3% at maximum Intensity settings
Input Power: 90V-270V/ 50/60 Hz A.C.
6V D.C. for battery operation


Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 13.0 cm x 5.5 cm.
Weight: 3.2 Kg Audiometer, Power supply And battery

FAQs: We will list frequently asked questions here as we receive them.

What type of cable is used to interface between the TAM-25 Audiometer and the PC?
RS232, which is included

Does the PC based software control the Audiometer?
When connected to the PC the included software will control all functions of the TAM-25 Audiometer, and will also allow saving audiograms for future reference

Can a complete test (Air, Bone, Speech) be performed via PC?

Does the audiometer contain external inputs for recorded speech (CD or Tape)?
The TAM-25 Audiometer includes a mic input, which can also be used for tape or CD input.

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