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Splash Hoods & Dust Collectors
Use with Model 26A Red Wing Lathe or Hand Grinders

The ability to perform grinding and polishing operations in the office or lab provides a great service to your customers. Being able to modify the fit of a hearing aid on-the-spot has many advantages, but the biggest plus is the instant gratification received by your clients. They walk in with a problem, and walk out with satisfaction. But, this type of repair comes at a price - it can be messy.

Splash Hoods are designed to shroud the spindles of a grinding or polishing motor, such as the 26A Red Wing Lathe, trapping particles and debris and keeping your work space clean. They can also be used with hand grinders and polishers. Splash Hoods can include optional lighting for better view of your work, and a flange for connecting to a dust collector. And to keep small particulates and dust from becoming a workplace or office hazard, Dust Collectors are a must. These units are designed to filter fine polishing dusts and grindings, keeping it out of your work area, office and coffee! If you want to keep control of your work environment, installing a splash hood with dust collection system is a step in the right direction.

Splash Hoods:

Aluminum Splash Hoods
Made to shroud one motor spindle, or for use with a hand grinder / polisher,  these rugged aluminum Splash Hoods are an economical solution for keeping grinding and polishing debris under control. Includes removable collection tray for easy cleaning and adjustable safety shield. Options include Right or Left side lighting for increased visibility and flange cutout for connecting to a dust collecting system. 3 models / sizes.

Model 83 w/light

Choose Model:  

Shield included



 Lighting Option $7.00 

  All splash now include an adjustable shield  

Flange Cutout Option $40.00:

Check to add flange


Model 86D Splash Hood
This popular aluminum splash hood measures 12"H x 6"W x 10"D and includes a removable collection tray, lighting on the right or left side, and an adjustable hood shield. Options include flange cutout for connecting to a dust collector unit system. Designed to cover one spindle, or to be used with hand grinding operations.

Model 86D



Choose lighting side:


Flange Cutout Option $40.00

Check to add flange

$93.50 ea Quantity:


Model 86 Resin Splash Hood
The 86 Resin Splash Hood provides the user with protective, dust collecting capabilities. Made of easy to clean resin, the 86 comes standard with a shield and a light. Optional flange cutout available for connecting to a dust collection system. Dimensions: 6"W x 10"D x 12"H.

Model 86



Choose lighting side:


Flange Cutout Option $40.00

Check to add flange

$89.50 ea Quantity:

Dust Collectors:

Porta Vac 550 Dust Collector
The Porta Vac 550 Dust Collector and Hood is a self contained unit, ideal for use with handpieces, grinders or lathes. With its baked durable powder coat, The Porta Vac 550 unit includes florescent lighting, removable resin clean out tray and a replaceable acrylic shield. The 550 collects 0.5 microns of dust and larger, and there's easy access to the reusable, replaceable pleated rear filter. Dimensions: 8.5"W x 12"H x 12"D,
Weight 15 lbs., Suction: 225cfm

Porta Vac 550

$359.00 ea Quantity:


Model 62 Super Sucker Dust Collector
Made for under-bench installation, the Model 62 is powerful enough to handle 2 work stations simultaneously, or 2 spindle ends of a Red Wing Lathe. Can be used with removable "fish mouth" ends, or connected to one or two splash hoods with flange cutout.

Model 62 Dust Collector


 $645.00ea Quantity:


Model 60U Industrial Dust Collection System
The 60U dust collector is designed to provide suction to two 3" work positions simultaneously -  perfect for use with a lathe system. Powered by a ball bearing capacitor start and industrially rated suction motor, the unit provides 400 CFM. through the inlets provided. Dust and grindings are cleaned from the air intakes by 14 shakeable cloth filter bags which effectively trap 1/2 micron particles and larger . 1/2 HP motor, 115/220V, 3450 RPM. Dimensions: 16"W x 14"D x 22"H.

Model 60U Dust Collection System


 $795.00 ea Quantity:


Model 47.031 Bench-Top Dust Collector
The 47.031 Dust Collector has a newly engineered air intake with greater suction power. The filter is placed ahead of the blowers which protects them from dust and debris. The 47.031 includes dual lights for highlighting work area, convenience outlet for polishing motor, and ON/OFF switch for motor and lights. Dimensions: 33.5"W x 11"H x 22"D. The unit is mounted on rubber feet to reduce noise and prevent slippage. Great for ruse with Red Wing lathe.

Model 47.031 Dust Collector


 $556.00 ea Quantity:



Replacement Filter 47.177  $9.00 ea Quantity:




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